Training of speciments at RSP 2016

Training of speciments at RSP 2016

At the auditorium of Persahabatan Hospital (RSP) Jakarta on March 23, 2016 which is followed by about 50 person, including Microbiology specialists, nurse / paramedics & Laboratory of Microbiology analysts, they held training of s microbiology sampling, phlebotomy and demonstration for retrieval of blood cultures.

Both LOB Hoslab & Hospec of Enseval Prima Medika (EMP) , in cooperation with Microbiology laboratory of Persahabatan Hospital, in order to improve the skills and knowledge for nurses and laboratory staffs. As the presentation’s topic is how to capture phlebotomy, sampling of specimens and blood cultures, especially the microbiological aspects. This is associated also with PPI program (Prevention & Infection Control), especially with hand sanitizer, hand gloves and the use of masks as protective equipment.

Preceded by the opening ceremony and the presentation, Dr. Cahyarini, SpMK, head of the microbiology lab Persahatan Hospital which concerning microbiological sampling given presentation & learning aspect, then follow by phlebotomi sampling and blood cultures by dr.Irwan Widjaja, M.Biomed from Scientitic Support & Regulatory affair of EMP.

In addition, Mr. Danang Setiawan from Product management, also expressed and presented on a few things about benefits and benefits of diagnostic products as well as the selling price and the positive aspects of using microbiological examination, particularly the use of BacTALERT.

After workshop by team PPI of Persahabatan Hospital, assisted by team of Application Specialists from EMP, some the participants including nurses and a laboratory, where they are asked to participation to demonstrate the technique along with equipment that has been seen.

EMP Team were present during the training were Mr. Danang Setiawan Ms. Raisa (PM Hoslab & PM Hospec), Bp. Halim (PS), Mr. Mozes Affandi, Bp. Ambar & Bp. Aji (AS) and dr. Irwan Widjaja, M.Biomed (Scientific Support).

Reported by:
dr. Irwan Widjaja