Training of GCLP at RSPAD GS 2016

Training of GCLP at RSPAD GS 2016

Training GCLP and Phlebotomy, including aspects of collection of samples for blood culture, held by a team from Scientific Support and LOB Hoslab Enseval Medika Prima (EMP) at Pathology Clinic laboratory , Central Hospital of the Army Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, on Wednesday, April 13 2016, which was attended by about 30 participants, both doctor, nurses and staff of Pathology Clinicals installation. Training and workshops is participation of Enseval Prima Medika, SBU of KALBE in order to optimize the quality inspection of clinical pathology and also optimalized in the installation of Clinical Pathology, Gatot Subroto Army Hospital.

Mayor dr (CKM) Martina Lily, SpPK as the Head (Kalakhar) Gatot Subroto Army Hospital Clinical Pathology laboratory, opening and provide an introduction and her speech, in the event the training GCLP & Phlebotomi. Accompanied by dr. Sunarti, SpMK from Microbiology lab.

The delivery of training materials of GCLP, related pre-analytical factors, which influence the quality of examination results and developments Microbiology Laboratory Microbiology presented by dr. Irwan Widjaja M.Biomed (Scientific Support & RA), and Mr. Danang Setiawan ( PM ) Hoslab team of Enseval Prima Medika (EMP).

In this occasion, Enseval Medika Prima, also introduced some tools / products which used in the field of Microbiology, including Vacuum draw & well culture bottles BactT / alerts one of new packaging that uses Absorbent polymer (APS), which replaces the media of Charcoal, in order to contribute to the performance in microbiological examination to be maximal in a laboratory that is good in aspects of clinical practice / GCLP.

Reported by :
dr. Irwan Widjaja