PIT 1  HIPPII in Surabaya 2015

PIT 1 HIPPII in Surabaya 2015

'Challenges Practitioners for Infection prevention and control in the face of global challenges to improve the quality of health services with the success of the Hospital Accreditation', was theme of the First Annual Scientific Meeting (PIT) on Association of Nurse for Infection Prevention & Control Indonesia (Himpunan Perawat Pencegah & Pengendali Infeksi Indonesia, HIPPII)

Located at Hotel Empire Palace, the implementation of the first PIT HIPPII took place on November , 5 - 7 , 2015. As the host is HIPPII branch of East Java.

Preceded the opening speech given by the Chairman of HIPPII, Mrs. Wardanela Yunus, and for opening ceremony performed by Kadinkes or Chief Medical Officer of East Java, Dr. Harsono.

Total number of participants who attended on this meeting of about 200 people, who come from all over Indonesia, with some speakers invited both the doctors and nurses, among others, Prof. dr. Joko Widodo, SpPD-KPTI (Chairman Perdalin / RSCM Jakarta), Prof. Dr. Boerhan Hidayat, SpA (K) (Paediatrics Unair / Dr. Soetomo), DR.dr. Agung Dwi Wahyu Widodo (Microbiology FK Unair), dr. Erwin Astha Triono, SpPD-KPTI (Internist / RS Dr. Soetomo), Prof. Dr. Mohammad Sudomo (WHO), Prof. Dr. Nursalam, M.Nurs, Mrs. Wardanela Yunus, CVRN, SKM, MM, Mrs. Costy Pandjaitan CVRN, SKM, MARS from HIPPII, and various head of nurse from several branches in Indonesia.

Discussion of PIT on several aspects, namely: Government Policy on the PPI and the role IPCN according Kepmenkes RI, Role IPCN the requirements of national accreditation, the Organization PERDALIN, Managerial PPI to standard hospitals and private hospitals, Program of PPI and ICRA, Surveillance HAI, VAP, CAUTI and IDO (Infection Regional Operations), MDRO (Multi Drug Resistant Organism), infectious waste management, linen, sterilization process, treatment etc.

Mrs Wardanela Yunus, as chairman of the Central HIPPII submit material related to the prevention and control of infection is now more focused on efforts to change behavior and build up strength HCF to patients according to the standard set. This strength is a source of inspiration or infection control nurse Infection Prevention Control Nurse (IPCN) sebag motor PPI activities (Prevention & Infection Control).

Enseval Medika Prima (EMP), as one of SBU Kalbe focused on marketing of medical devices and diagnostics, participated both in presentation sessions and exhibition on the medical devices.

On the first day of the PIT, on November 5, 2015, in the session topic Urinary Tract Infections Surveillance in connection with the installation of Catheter Urine; Profile Indicators, ICRA Hais, PDSA presented by Mr. Paryanto, Skep, Nurs, Chairman of HIPPII Surakarta, followed with presentation related to the benefits of the use of lubrication gel using CATHEJELL, gel products containing chlorhexidine gluconate and lidocaine, as a deterrent and minimize the risk of CAUTI , CATHEJELL presentation, a product of MONTAVIT, Austria by dr. Irwan Widjaja, M.Biomed (Scientific Support EMP), and a demo instructor by Mrs. Handayani Menik (CPA LOB Hospec EMP).

Along with the activities of PIT, conducted an exhibition of products and medical devices health of some of the company"s medical devices and diagnostic laboratories, especially in the field of PPI, which was followed by 7 companies Alkes namely: Enseval Medika Prima (EMP), ANIOS Primasindo, ONEMED, Puradigm, gdm and B-BRAUN

At Booth / stand exhibition Enseval Medika Prima (EMP), division HOSPEC, had featuring several products focusing on consumables products , including: E-Care Handrubs & E-Care Handscrub, E-Care Mask surgical, Cathejell (lubrication gel containing CHG & Lidocaine) from Montavit, E-Care adhesive bandage, alcohol swab, handgloves, etc.

On the Poster Contest held from some participants from HIPPII branches throughout Indonesia, two Posters derived from Siloam Hospital Surabaya are conducting research related to Hand hygiene. And the other one related to using of lubrication gel for the prevention Catheterization Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI).

Reported by: dr. Irwan Widjaja, M.Biomed – EMP

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PIT 1  HIPPII in Surabaya 2015PIT 1 HIPPII in Surabaya 2015
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