BMI Compact 900/150 Tilting table  bmi brf

Compact 900/150 Tilting table

Description :
Complete with the most up-to-date electronic, to perform a wide range of radiographic and fluoroscopic diagnostic examinations in all hospitals and private clinics.
- Microprocessor controlled unit, designed to enable easy and rapid positioning and centering of the patient, with precise and accurate movements
- R/F Table tilting from vertical to 150 trendelemburg, with moving table top, advanced Spot Film Device, motor driven compression cone, collimator automatically adjustable to the required SID and additional table-side control panel on the frontal table cover
- Extremely compact modern electronics with an easy access, for high reliability, quick repairing or maintenance check
- Advanced automatic Spot Device provided with Touch Screen controls. Possible to use standard cassettes with all size with 2-3-4-6 subdivision.
- Display on the touch screen of the cassette size, the selected subdivision and the number of the available exposures

Complete Spot Film Device park-back, allowing easy access of the patient to the table and the performing of all routine radiographic examinations with the under table-top potter bucky together with the optionally available column stand or ceiling suspension, supporting the X-Ray tube and collimator